File List shows Multiple Entries for Each File

When I go to my list of files on my external HD, It shows each file several times.

For example, it will show “A View to A Kill” 5 times in a folder although there is only one copy of the file on the HD.

How do I fix this?

I have run into this same issue. 

More detail from my experience.

This only happens in one folder called kids.  The file structure is as follows:


Then in this folder i have a sub called BluRay which I store all my BluRays.  This folder is listed 5 times.  All the .iso’s listed in both the kids folder, and the bluray folder are listed multiple times.

The strange thing is, i have several folders under the structure of mybook.  ex:




These directories do not experiance the same issue.  I would love to know how to fix this short of formatting the drive and replicating it all back.  3TB of data does not copy quickly, Twice.

I have the same problem and I think I got it after changing the setting “get content info” to AUTO. I have the latest firmware already but it’s still not fixed, it’s very annoying…

I hope WD will fix this anytime soon…

This has been identified as a Media Library issue that WD has not fixed.  If you have this feature on, you get a lot of benefits such as searching for metadata, and viewing background pictures.  If this feature is on, it creates duplicate Files and Folders… Ugh!  Turn it off, you loose some features, but loose the annoying duplicates.  If you still want to keep the Media Library running, you will have to occasionally clear/reset the Media Library under the Media Library option under setup - system.