All Video lists all movies twice?

When I go Video>All Video. Every movie is listed twice eg: movie1, movie1, movie2, movie2, movie3, movie3…etc.

But if I go Video>Folders. They are listed correctly e.g: movie1, movie2, movie3…  and so on.

How can I fix this bug?


As you know the ‘all video’ view ‘flattens’ the disk and shows the movies without folders so therefore is it possible that you have other copies somewhere on the disk . If not I notice that a database is written to the disc in a folder named .wd_tv and I assume this is where the flattened info. is kept. Perhaps if you deleted this folder and allowed the WDTV to recreate it the problem may be overcome. Just a suggestion but maybe worth trying.

I knew there was only the one copy of each file on the HDD so I tried deleting the wd_tv folder and it worked. All Video now lists each movie once.

Thank you for your suggestion. :smiley: