Files listing multiple times

when viewing folder contents on the TV screen, all files are listed multiple times, sometimes only 4 extra, sometimes 7 or 8.  when i view the same folders on my network via my PC i see only the correct single file.  this started a couple of weeks ago.  the only event I can think of that may have triggered this weird behaviour was that i tidied up some file names so they would just show as the movie title rather than with a bunch extraneous information.  i did this tidying up over the LAN using my PC and Windows Explorer.  the only other possibility is i updated to the latest firmware a few weeks ago.  reasonably certain that was further back than when this oddness started.

has anyone else seen this weird display behaviour?  i am running the latest firmware update on a WDTV Live Hub.



it happened to a hub that i purchased.  i reset the hub and it seemed to work.

I find this happens sometimes when i add new files over the network. If I go in and Clear the media library and let the hub re-index, everything cleans up.

ok thanks i’ll give that a go.  had got so used the multiple listings that i’d forgotten i’d even posted this query.