Every video is listed five times!?

With the previous firmware, I had the issue where the Hub would double up my videos - i’d see two thumbnails for every video and the total video count would be double the actual count.

Well, with the latest release, every time I go to watch a video, there are now FIVE of every video, and the count has been multipled by five too (e.g. 100 videos results in an on-screen total of 500). Clearing the media library fixes this every time but it’s annoying to have to do that, as this issue is there every time I go to watch a video. I never power the Hub down fully.

So, not only has the previous issue not been fixed but, with the latest firmware, it’s considerably worse.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Very frustrating.

I’m running into the same problem. If you try to erase one of them it erases all the copies of that movie. I thought I was doing something wrong. I’ve even deleted entire movies and re-added them and it happens again. I’m open to suggestions.


Same here!

There’s an ISSUE filing for this, but strangely, no one is VOTING for it.  


I got double entries of files after upgrading to the latest firmware. Rebuillding the media library (again) did sort things out.

Thanks TonyPh12345 - I’ve voted. Everyone experiencing this problem should vote.



It got my vote!!