Problem with latest Firmware -- Duplicate entries of videos

I am using the latest firmware 3.08.14, and a little while ago the devicebegan displaying multiple entries for all my movies and the count went above 25,000 movies.   I needed to reset the media library several times.    Had thought about resetting the factory defaults but luckily I didn’t have to do that after several attempts.   Seems resolved now, just left me a little uneasy.  

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Yes, that is an error that I have seen happening before. 

Hi guys,

Having the same issue. Just upgraded the firmware last night and today I’ve found the menu displays most of my entries on my folders duplicated.

I reset the box because I had problems login in on the network after upgrading, that problem was solved after the reset, but this duplicated issue seems to be something random that has been happening since this morning.

If this happened with previous upgrades, does anyone know if there was a solution?

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yes here the same dubble, triple and even quadruple entries. I resolved for now by switching off the media library. But i think that this is not a good option for everyone!