Folders showing up multiple times

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I’ve bought a WDTV live two weeks ago. Setting up was easy and I’m using the device for streaming videos from my WD MYBOOKLIVE 3TB using the built-in Twonky-server.

Streaming does work correctly (although it’s not possible to see subtitles when I have a MP4-file; It’s working for avi only)  - but when I open up the Live hub on my TV (Toshiba) and when I choose VIDEOS I’ll get a screen showing me:

All Videos

By date

By year

By year

By year

By year

(about 25 times and after that dozens of “by folder”)

How can I fix this?

The WDTV has got the newest firmware…

Have you tried disabling the media library and enabling that again?

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I have noticed this glitch since the last firmware update (late December 2012).  

In my video folder, I have six subfolders.  When I open the video folder, each subfolder will be displayed 4 times.  It’s a pain.  I started turning on and off the media library, and changing auto and manual info collection of the files.  I wish that I had the exact method, and order which I started jerking around with settings, but I kept screwing with it until it worked.

There are other weird bugs that I have noticed since the update.  When I turn on the Hub, I get a 10 second ‘connecting to server’ message that I never received before.  It’s not a tragic change, but it is different.

Same problems for me. Posted message asking for assistance last week, no reply? I do believe the problem is with WDs’  updates. I also notice a slowdown/unable to open notice now when selecting items to view. I’m beginning to think this product or updates has many problems not  supported/investigated by Western Digital. After pulling my hair out I did a “Factory reset” using reset access under unit and that seems to have worked. It’s not user friendly and after several years of use I would not recommend for purchase.