File copy speed. What is reasonable to expect?

Hello all, (I hope I have chosen the correct place to post this.)

I am trying to get opinions with regards to my file transfer rates of speed when accessing the MyCloud device
(I have a similar question with regards to a USB device plugged into the MyCloud by I will ask that in another post.).

Here’s the hardware I am testing with. (Imagine a table with this hardware sitting on.)
An HP ENVY laptop running the very latest version of Win 10 Home…
A WD MyCloud 4TB Personal Cloud (Firmware = 5.16.105)
A NETGEAR Gigabyte 8 port Ethernet hub model GS608.

The laptop has a CAT6 Ethernet cable which connects it, to the 1st port of the Ethernet hub.
The WD MyCloud has a CAT6 Ethernet cable which connects it, to the 2nd port of the Ethernet hub.

I have created a few shares on the MyCloud.
And I have mapped a letter (from within Win 10) to one of the shares on the MyCloud.

Everything seems to work just fine.

Here’s my question.
If I copy a 10 Gigabyte file from the hard drive of my laptop, to the share on my WD device (I am using the Win 10 file manager to do this), it takes about 2 minutes and 15 seconds to complete.

Is the above a reasonable speed for a 10 Gigabytes file copy or is there a bottleneck somewhere ?

My goal is to set things up to work as well as it can while everything is on my workspace table and then I will shut everything down and move the Ethernet hub and the MyCloud device to somewhere else on the Ethernet network.

Thanks for any replies

Windows File Manger isn’t really a good way to determine read/write speed. Its best to use dedicated programs that can run read/write tests with a set value several times to get an average read/write speed. Various programs such as Crystal Disk Mark ( will often provide better read/write speed info.

There are various factors and limitations that will impact just how fast one can realistically read/write to any hard drive. You are going to be hard limited by the capabilities of the My Cloud hardware, both it’s networking port (typically 1GB) and the hard drive used in the My Cloud enclosure (typically a WD Red SATA drive). Other factors include the speed of the hard drive within the computer, and other computer hardware like it’s networking capabilities (wired Ethernet OR wifi). Then there is the router and or network switch both devices are connected too. Improperly configured or if older models can impact the speed.

For the My Cloud USB port, generally (depending on which specific My Cloud model one is using) the USB port speed is not very good. Many complaints about slow copy speed from the internal My Cloud hard drive to the USB drive attached to the My Cloud. One can use the forum search feature to find those many past discussions.

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Thanks a lot for update and quick reply, I found lots of information here, Really appreciate for help.

Hard disk performance is impacted by the nature of the data being stored etc. Copying files, Windows has to update the directories and allocation block map with each file. More files and the overhead becomes more apparent.