Fan out of sync with temperature

Bought my EX4 last week together with 4x6 TB WD Red drives (not Pro). Bought the drives separately to get 3 years of warranty - apparently you only get 2 years if you buy the box with the drives already installed, which I find a bit odd.

Created two RAID 1 volumes and have been backing up several TB. During the process I noticed that the box got rather hot after some hours - up to 58 degrees C (only 1 RAID volume in use at any time). Looks like the fan is totally out of sync with the temperature. Examples:

43 degrees / 1110 RPM
47 degrees / 1110 RPM
55 degrees / 900 RPM
56 degrees / 870 RPM
58 degrees / 1065 RPM

This makes no sense. Is the box defective or what?

Hi there,

Have you made sure you have the latest firmware version on the unit? Hope this helps.

Thanks, yes I do have the latest firmware installed.

Do you get notifications that the unit is running hot at any point? Try to restart the unit to see if the issue persists.

No notifications, but I still think it’s too hot and it doesn’t have to be. When you plug in the power cord the fan speeds up for a moment and gets rather noisy and blows a lot of air but otherwise you can hardly hear it or feel the air flow no matter how hot it gets.

But the main problem is that it’s out of sync with the temperature. The fan should speed up when the temperature goes up, but in many cases it does the opposite. If this is “normal” it’s obviously a severe bug. Or even worse, it’s designed that way so it doesn’t get so noisy that they lose sales on it (a noisy device is a deal breaker for many people).