False advertising? WD Blue 3D nand WDBNCE5000PNC manufactured in 2020, does not perform like 3D nand


I recently bought this 500gb wd blue 3d nand ssd from Best Buy. It was made in March 2020.

Doing some benchmark tests comparing the Samsung 860 EVO in the same computer, both drives completely empty, the WD Blue is much slower than the Samsung, and even hundreds of other benchmarks of the 500gb WD Blue ssd on the internet.
I have latest drivers installed.

in 4K random test,
WD Blue only achieves 29MBps read, 58MBps write.
860 EVO achieves 44MBps read, 100MBps write.

In Sequential 4MB read test,
WD Blue gets only 315MB/s read
860 EVO gets 520MB/s read

Both samsung and WD have similar sequential 4MB write speed of ~450-470MB/s

This is highly suspect of 2D NAND, and not 3D NAND as it says on the box.