WD Blue 3D 1TB M.2 lower speeds than specs

I’ve got a WD Blue 3D 1TB M.2 a few days ago and I’ve installed it on my Dell G3. Testing its speeds in some benchmark APPs I’ve noticed speeds lower than WD says it has to be.

I’m using Windows 10 Home 64-bit. The best results were in Crystal and Ubuntu Disk Benchmark (OS running on USB flash drive). In Crystal I’ve got 554MB/s reading and 496MB/s writing as a best results. On Linux it was 543MB/s reading and 493MB/s writing.

Are these results normal? I was expecting a little more, specially in writing. As you can see it was 37MB/s lower in writing than WD Blue 3D specs (530MB/s).

Note: Same results even changing SATA Mode from RAID ON to AHCI and updating Intel RST to the most recent driver version.


This isnt normal. I too have the same on my G3 but it runs okay normally.


Brian, could you test it and post your SSD benchmark results please? I’ve downloaded Crystal from Microsoft Store: