WD BLUE 250GB SSD performance issue

Hi, one of our customers complained that suddenly both his laptop and desktop pc were running very slow all of a sudden this week although everything still worked OK, just very slow, no error messages.

We checked his pc, it was equipped with a WDS250G2B0A-00SM50 WD Blue 250GB SSD. Funny enough his laptop was also equipped with the exact same SSD model.

We tried to clone both SSD’s to new ones. The maximum throughput for both SSD’s seems to be fixed at 2MB/sec. Cloning both drives took about 5 to 8 hours for both SSD’s on two separate machines. If we use a backup tool running on Windows on both machines also shows a maximum constant speed of just 2MB/sec.
Restoring the backup to a new SSD takes 5 minutes. Speedtest on the new drives (different SSD model) now shows 300-400 MB/sec. Speed issues resolved.

Any clue what that could be and why both SSD’s failed practically the same day? SSD’s are from February 2020 and September 2019.

I use SN350 M.2 NVMe SSD and it runs as expected at PCIe 3.0 speed

SATA SSD are slower but should be faster than 2MB/s ands I have WD SSD hardware as well

Could be the SSDs in question have problems not widely seen