Failed to create device user. (400073

The above error is received when i try to create a user.

I have a 8tb my cloud mirror, which is set up with raid 1. I enabled the features for remote sever, in order to transfer my data to the be ex2100 8tb. System. Its setup as raid 0. I just chose the sync option to transfer the data to my new ex2100. Which now since the data is transfered over, (to the ex2100). I want to make the the ex2100 primary and keep a constant sync job running back to the my cloud mirror (i will first set the my cloud mirror to factory fault, make it raid 0, setup sync jobs for the shares). Right now I am just trying to create the user accounts, and will give them access to the data. The user acct creations process gives me that error during the creation process. Thanks you for any suggestions you may have, its greatly appreciated.


See if the following link helps