Failed to connect to device

Trying to upgrade to firmware version 2.21.111. clicking on the link provided says to check current firmware version. I’m pretty sure that I have version4.x, but I can’t connect to the device (see image). MyCloud is found in my network and also by Windows Explorer. I can see files in Explorer as recent as this hour.

Why am I getting the red error message and not connecting?

Also, Is version the firmware version??

Please note that one can check the firmware version by accessing the My Cloud Dashboard with their web browser (example http://wdmycloud).

You CANNOT upgrade the v3.x/v4.x version My Cloud firmware to the newer v2.x version My Cloud firmware. This is because WD for what every seriously stupid reason decided to create massive confusion by introducing a new generation of single bay My Cloud without changing the name and which uses a slightly different hardware (faster processor more RAM) and which uses different firmware from the initial generation My Cloud’s. Nor can you attempt to install the v4.x firmware to the newer v2.x version My Clouds. There are numerous other threads with similar confusion.

The version is the version number for that software application, NOT the firmware version of your My Cloud.

Sorry, but I still can’t access my cloud using www browser. Maybe I’m missing a step.

The screen capture you posted is from the web portal that is typically used for remote access to user files. That is NOT the My Cloud Dashboard. As indicated above you typically access the My Cloud Dashboard via http://wdmycloud.

It may be helpful to read the User Manual, which explains how to access the Dashbaord, how to set the device up, etc.