Failed downloading files from My Cloud

Hello there,

I bought my 4TB My cloud drive a few days ago, mainly; to be able to access work files from remote locations.
Most of my files are 500+ MB, and the thing is whenever I try to download a file (with a fast and stable internet connection) the download starts with an average speed of 300KB/s then suddenly drops to ZERO in a few minutes.

Most of the time the download reaches 30-50 MB then stops.
Hence that I tried downloading the same on my Android device using the MyCloud app and it worked just fine!

Thank you in advance.

What device or computer OS are you using when the download fails or stalls? What software app are you using or are you using the web portal when the download fails/stalls? When the Android device successfully downloads is it downloading over a WiFi connection or over a Cellular Data connection? And what app or program are you using on Android to download?