Can't download file via WD Cloud App

Hi all

I have a myCloud EX2 and want to access it via the Android MyCloud App.

I can stream audio & Video, look at pictures, everthing fine.

BUT as soon i want to download a file to the android device, there is an error “1003 can’t access the device”

Can someone help me ?

Thanks in advance



Hello peyej, be sure to have the latest My Cloud app version installed.

Hi Ichigo

App & MyCloud Firmware are up to date. just checked again.

I also activated port forwarding (at least i think so ;-)) is there a way to check it ?

thanks in advance for your help and i wish you a nice day



Hi all

I made another test outside of my home-LAN

Instead of connecting to my SAN in the MyCloud APP I connected to the “DEMO share” and tried to download a picture from there to my device.

As this also didn’t work, i’m looking for the confirmation that someone can acctually download a picture from the “Demo share”.

So then i can further investigate on my devices.

Thanks in advance and I wish you a nice day