Files download problem

I’m having a lot of problems in downloading my files from to my pc (win 10)
when I push the download button i can’t download the file, it seems like I haven’t done anything
so I have tried with an other pc (win 7) and it works! it dowloads the files and also my phone via browser can download them!
sorry for my english
could you help me :wink:

Are you using the same web browser across all three devices/computers?

In the pc with win 10 and with win 7 Yes! It’s Chrome in my Phone is the Galaxy browser
In the pc with win 10 I have tried to download the files also with firefox but it doesn’t work

Do you have a My Cloud or My Cloud Home? If it is a My Cloud you should be going to .

Yes I have my cloud and I am also logged in, i can copy, delete ecc. The files but I can’t download them

now I have found the problem! it was my antivirus, i have reinstalled it 2 times and now I can download my files :man_shrugging:
good Christmas