External USB disc not recognized - Unsupported file system

Hi there,

I have a problem with my My Cloud Mirror 2TB (FW: 2.10.310).
I want to connect an external USB disc which is a 2TB Seagate USB3.0 device NTFS formatted.

After connecting it, the only thing i get is an error about “unsupported file system” (Code: 1121).
I doublechecked that it has NTFS format, reformatted it with several methods, but the same error remains.

What could be the reason?
Is there any known problem like that?

The device is working flawless with all other equipment (PC, Mac, Linux) I have.


Hi there,

Its is highly unlikely that a NTFS drive would give out an error like this. Try to do a system only restore on the unit to see if after that i can come up normally.

Here is a link that might help you on this matter: