My Cloud won't accept attached USB drive

I bought a new Seagate BackupPlus portable drive and confirm it works on my PC, but when I attach it to MyCloud I get an error notification in screenshot below. I previously tried backing up to the old portable drive I had been using for backups, but the backup failed and I assumed it was a problem with that old portable drive. Not sure if the two problems are related, but hopeful someone here can at least help with the notification on the new drive. Thanks.

Firmware version

i know that the WD My Cloud does not support ExFAT file system on an external hard drive… NTFS no problems (and i believe FAT32 is ok … but i never use that)

have also read some posts about problematic compatibility with Seagate hard drives … but i wouldn’t know anything about that since i only by Western Digital and they all work fine with my WD My Cloud

Have you looked at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud. See Chapter 12.

Mine stopped recognizing my USB external hard drive after the last update, just like that, and that after years working fine.

My PC doesn’t have a single issue recognizing my USB drive so it’s not a disc failure.

Curiously my device is also a Seagate

The following article may help your external USB drive issues.
The “unsupported file system” could mean the drive contains a filesystem or partition that is not supported and mountable on the My Cloud. Some USB drives may need to be formatted using

External USB Drive Not Seen or Detected by a My Cloud

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Based on all this feedback, I found that the new seagate portable drive ships in ExFAT format, which is not recognized by the My Cloud. I reformatted it to NTFS with windows disk management and the seagate drive is now recognized. I have a usb backup in-progress now, so far so good… Thank you!

Unfortunately I couldn’t resolve my USB issues with any of the information given here.

I’ve been using a Seagate external SSD USB to make backups of my cloud device without a single problem for years, then after the last firmware update it just stopped working. I thought the SSD might be broken but my PC can read it without a problem.

I have to say I’m slowly sick of WDMyCloud, I only have issues and the few updates we get instead of helping make more problems.

I am having the same problem but not with Seagate externals. Instead it is the WD Elements drives. I have four Seagate 5tb drives 2 one touch plus and 2 backup desk drives. You would think the Seagate drives would be the trouble makers but instead it is the WD ones that malfunction due to unsupported file systems. And yes it is not a freak thing because i have three 5tb WD drives and all three malfunction causing my WD Ex2 Ultra to malfunction and mess up the other drives connected.