Copying files from My Cloud Home to external drive using usb leads to Error message

Good morning, I am getting a error when I try to copy files from my Cloud Home to a external drive! The language is Dutch, so if you have troubles to read it. What could be the problem? I use a brandnew external usb drive from Seagate (2 TB)


Hi edwunn,

I would suggest you to try and connect any other External Drive or USB memory stick to isolate the issue with the device.

What kind of answer is this? The same thing happens to me and I have tried with different USB. And now what would be the answer?

I had a similar issue where my 2TB powered Seagate was not detected by MyCloud Home via USB. I Plugged an unpowered USB 3.0 4 port hub into the MyCloud Home and then plugged the Seagate drive into the hub. The MyCloud App now recognises the Seagate drive and I can transfer data both up and down. No idea why this works, but it does.

There is no guarantee that your USB storage could be recognized in another operating system such as the Android based OS4 on the My Cloud Home. Although most drives are generally recognized, some drives formatted as exFAT and other formats may not be recognized. So your best bet is to make sure the storage is formatted as NTFS and realize that there is no eject and swapping of the USB storage - if you need to swap the USB storage, you will need to reboot the My Cloud Home.

Thnak’s a lot. It Works properly in NTFS format.

mine is ntfs format already and still it gives error , anybody know exact problem and solution pls ?

Because you have supplied little specific information on your USB device such as error code, make, model, capacity, power supply, cable length, hub, check disk status, partition structure, smartctl data, etc, here are some generic My Cloud troubleshooting links which may also apply to the My Cloud Home:

External USB Drive File Systems Supported on a My Cloud

External USB Drive Will Not Mount, Not Seen or Detected by a My Cloud

My Cloud Error Code 1121 Unsupported File System

If you have anything specific, you should file a support ticket with WD Tech support.