USB Drive problem

I have the WD MyCloud and want to attached a seagate USB drive. When I look at the quickview it is there, but the only option is to Eject, I cannot map. I want to use this drive to have the local file mirror go to it.

1st thing to check is the format … if it’s exFAT then it aint supported

and for more reading pleasure …

@paulinaz What type of computer and operating system are you using? Is this a My Cloud Home or another WD Device?

I read some more information and the trouble log. It was unable to create the share. The suggestion was to rename the device with a single name with no spaces or special characters. I will try that and inform.

Windows 10

USB drive is a Seagate USB drive from Costco.

@paulinaz just bear in mind that all this fantastic device will do is copy the files from the USB hard drive onto the machine. Nothing else !!

The USB port is by far the worse part of this bit of kit. One way traffic and no ability to backup using it…

Apologies for hi-jacking your thread with this rant…

(Just seen you may have the “My Cloud” device not the “My Cloud Home” device. Lucky you, the above won’t apply. But if so your in the wrong forum.)