External IP for my MyCloud

Hello everyone !

i had search everywere in this forum and in internet, i didn’t find how i can find the external IP of my MyCloud…

it’s for internet access with an other app than the western digital for iOS (FileExplorer)

maybe someone can tel me how to?

Thanks a lot

And mery Christmas !

From the same network where your cloud and pc is running, google from your pc “what is my ip”.

I don’t know what computer or OS you are using but the following is for Windows OS 7 SP1. I hope this image shows some of the information your are looking for and how to open and find it.

To find the IP address for your My Cloud click on or activate Start>Device and Printers then right click on My Cloud>Properties>UPnP Tab.

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All that will show is the internal IP address for the mycloud!

Just google what is my ip and that is the IP address. For instance if you had instanced sabnzbd you’d access it remotely by typing your external ip followed by colon and the port you set it up on. For instance external ip:8080

Those will show internal ip unless the pc is set by the router to be on DMZ mode.

1st thing, thanks all of you for your reply.

So i think i underdtand what you all says.

I found my external IP with “what is my IP” but i can’t connect to my mycloud with it…

In my app, i put this into fields like this :

Adress : xxx.xx.xxx.xxx:8080

user : xxxxxxx

password : xxxxxxxx

But it’s not going to find my mycloud with that because it’s the IP of my entire network, no ?

How can i say to the app that i want to access to my my cloud ?

P.S. : Sorry, normaly i’m not a noob but in this case, i’m pretty lost :frowning:

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Nope you are correct though what you will need to do is forward port 8080 to the mycloud in your routers settings. MY mycloud internal ip is so I forward port 8080 to that and then I can access remotely.

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