External hard drive stopped working

I’ve been using My Book Essential 2TB ext. hard drive (XHD) for the past 7 years with no problems. Last night, I initially had problems getting my PC to recognize the XHD, but eventually I got it running. I’d just made a folder and was in the process of moving photos to the folder when it locked up. After it finished, my pc locked up and I had to do a hard restart. When it booted back up, it wouldn’t recognize the XHD, so I placed the usb cable into each USB port on the PC…unplugged/ replugged the XHD, but nothing changed. A few times it showed as drive J, but when I clicked on it, everything locked up.


You must try to connect the drive on a different computer and if the drive doesn’t show up on other computer as well then contact data recovery company as the USB port of the drive might have damaged.

Hi, I think you should connect hard drive to a new USB port or a new computer to check out whether it’s really not responding, or just a damaged USB port that disallows your drive to show up on the PC. If it does not work for you so you may try this:
Check Power Management for UBB Hub

  1. In Run (Windows +R) type the devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
  2. Open the device manager > “universal bus controllers”
  3. Right Click on USB Root Hub>Property>Power Management>Uncheck and then allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
    By these steps you can check the power management of USB Hub.
    2 Boot PC/ Laptop into safe mode and you can check the hard drive issue.
    3 The third Method is to run a disk check-up and fix the internal error on drive. You have two option to check the drive. First manually using cmd command to fix external hard drive errors. The method is given below:
  4. Open Command Prompt and type: chkdsk /f g: (replace g with the drive letter of your external hard drive).
  5. Then hit the Enter to let the checking process to run;
    After that your hard drive will be recognize. If it still doesn’t work, so you may use Stellar Data Recovery Professional for windows. You can download the free version and use monitor drive. It will scan all the bad sectors on your drive and fix it.

It is necessary to find the real culprit. First, you can connect the external hard drive use another USB cable or to another different computer to check out whether there is something wrong with the connection port or the USB itself.

Besides, you can uninstall and reinstall the disk driver in Device Manager. Or run “chkdsk /f e:” (replace e with the drive letter of your external hard drive) in the command prompt to check whether there are some bad sectors on the hard drive. Finally, you can fix MBR on the external hard drive to see whether the problem can be solved or not.

What if your MyBook does not start at all? No lights or sound. I tested with a USB cable and power supply that work with another drive so its not them or a hub…

Part number WDBFJK0040HBK-NESN - [WD My Book 4 TB USB 3.0 ]

5 years old very light uuse.

Thank you