External hard drive stopped working

I’ve been using My Book Essential 2TB ext. hard drive (XHD) for the past 7 years with no problems. Last night, I initially had problems getting my PC to recognize the XHD, but eventually I got it running. I’d just made a folder and was in the process of moving photos to the folder when it locked up. After it finished, my pc locked up and I had to do a hard restart. When it booted back up, it wouldn’t recognize the XHD, so I placed the usb cable into each USB port on the PC…unplugged/ replugged the XHD, but nothing changed. A few times it showed as drive J, but when I clicked on it, everything locked up.


You must try to connect the drive on a different computer and if the drive doesn’t show up on other computer as well then contact data recovery company as the USB port of the drive might have damaged.