Essential 2TB External HD - Freezing /Parameter Prob


Hoping someone can help me.

I have a 2TB My Book Essential External HD that has ALLLLLLLLLLL of my THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of music files on it and lately it is giving me problems, like turning off randomly or ‘thinking’ and then turning off, but NOW it wont even get recognized on my PC.

It is plugged in and when i go to MY COMPUTER it doesnt even show it, so I unplug it and when I plug it back in it ‘fades’ the whole screen like my computer is frozen and then  eventually kicks in, and nothing works, but then if i unplug it BAM everything works and quickly opens that i was TRYING to do before it froze.  

When it shows the drive in MY COMPUTER it doesnt show its contents, like how much space is used and it i just click it once itt freezes everything up again.  Sometimes it says the drive needs to be formatted but when i click OK it says the drive can not be formatted… I dont know what to do and I pray that I dont lose all my music.

I will try to take some screen caps of what happens it might be easier to explain…but any help would be great!




here are some screen caps

picture 1 shows its in MY COMPUTER

picture 2 shows when i click on it it shows it trying to read/open via the GREEN Status Bar at the top

picture 3 after the GREEN Status bar reached the end I got this message!


as I was trying to post this message everything kept freezing, you cant really tell bc you cant take a cap of a frozen screen, hahah but after I unplugged everything it kicked back to this message for me to finish typing.

ALSO this may not be related to the cause, but in the drive itself theres the USB pugin and then the DCIN plug, is the DCIN plug SUPPOSED to be REALLY REALLY hard to plug in and pull out, it literally takes me 2 hands to unplug it, whats with that.

I orignally thought that maybe the last music i downloaded was corrupted (this still may be the problem) but I cant get into the drive to test that theory, but now with this Parametere thind I dont know WHAT to think



Hello, that could be a data corruption problem, if you need to recover your files, you can use recuva or testdisk. You can also try using another USB cable, another compatible power supply. If that doesn’t work then you provably need to replace it. 


Thanks for your help, I purchased a new USB Cable and it did not solve the problem, but it did cause me to recieve 2 new messages.  What is your take on them?  Please see the following:


I am ready to try the other suggestions you had, but do these messages change anything?? like, is it offically dead? am I totally screwed, is it helpless?




I downloaded the testdisk thing and it worked.  I dont know what it did or how to use it but BAM! it opened it!!

Thank you!!!

I pray this isnt temporary and it doesnt **bleep** out on me again any time soon!

Thank You Again!!