Excessively slow WD my passport external hard drive

my WD my passport external hard drive have recently become excessively slow in opening and accessing any file, and sometimes the computer would not even recognize it. please what could be the cause and how may i resolve it?

Try running a diagnostic test using WD Drive Utilities or WD SmartWare. If the unit fails the test then it should be replaced under warranty.

‎I fo not currently have access to the WD smartware, how can I get that pls

You can download the apps from the following link:

And what happens if the drive stops responding completely?

‎I cannot access my files on the driveFrom: Stephanie_PruneauSent: Sunday, November 29, 2015 7:13 AMTo: [Deletd]Reply To: WD CommunitySubject: [WD Community] [WD External Drives/External Drives for PC] Excessively slow WD my passport external hard drive

I am having the same problem as joeboy03. My passport external drive is now running EXTREMELY slow. I have tried using the drive on a variety of computers and get the same SLOW results. I can still access the files but it takes an eternity whereas before, it was really quick. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated !!!