Extremely slow WD Elements external hard drive

Suddenly encountering incredibly slow data processing from WD Elements external HD. Need to transfer data from it to get it serviced. Need to get it diagnosed so that I can get it serviced or replaced.

Recent post of https://community.wd.com/t/excessively-slow-wd-my-passport-external-hard-drive/139554 is for a different model. Older post https://community.wd.com/t/1-tb-wd-black-wd1001fals-suddenly-extremely-slow-trying-to-backup-important-data-need-help/16699 is about a WD internal HD and may or may not address the problem I have.


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The recommendation on the the first link, will also apply to your case.

Please test the unit using the WD DLG Tool to see if you are getting a sector issue on the unit.

Link to dlg tool: Error

Hi, I’m getting back to you now. I wanted to post another link, but could only do 2 as I’m a new member: https://community.wd.com/t/wd-elements-1tb-slow-transfer-rate-after-formatting/11927 However, although my problem is similar, it is the reverse, trying to get data out instead of in - and that also pertained to a Mac setup.

I currently have the HD with a friend and they have been able to get some smaller files off. Another friend says that we need to take it down to the retail store I bought it at, to get the rest of the data off and to get it reformatted or replaced. They will be able to do the diagnostic. Thanks for recommending the first link as well as the other one. When I used that link for the WD Passport HD though, the info also mentioned a bunch of other WD HDs - but not Elements.

I have also problem with HD WD Elements. It is extremely slow. I tried to pull my data out, but after 10 hours I pulled only 800MB…
I tried also scan disk with WD DLG Tool. Quick scan taked 11 hours and didn’t find anything.
Extended scat is running already 7 hours, and estimated time remaining is almost 9000 hours.
Please help, I don;t know, what to do, how pull data and how repair disk.
Thank You


SOLUTION After a lot of pocking on why my 3 TB WD drive was so unbearably slow I too searched the internet and was surprised to find nothing. So I did several things and first took my drive to my old PC and it worked fine, so I knew it was not a drive problem. The quick fix for me was to turn off windows defender. Or any file check security software you might be running. In the bottom left Search for Win 10 type “Virus & Threat protection”. Once open select it and then select “Real Time Protection”. Select so it shows Off.
I did this during a slow download that was running from 100-400KB/s and after I applied the change and windows signaled the risk alert the speed jumped to 34MB/s. Much better Hope this helps. I am sure others will immediately grab this and post it as theirs on you tube. Good Luck
PS I am sure there are other ways to change the drive/file security profile but just remember to re-enable it when you’re done.

I think this is because they switched, in 2019, to SMR. SMR allows more data to fit but is extremely slow. Always buy CMR HDD

Stop the present activity as soon as your external hard drive begins to sluggishly copy files, if it is even stalled copying files. Try the following approaches to resolve this problem:
Reconnect the external disc to the USB 3.0 port after changing the USB port.
Note That launching the device or copying files will become very sluggish if your USB 3.0 external hard drive is connected via a USB 2.0 connector.

Your external hard disc will slow down if it is only loaded with data. The best approach is to make disc space available. If you have a lot of essential files saved on the disc, you can try to compress them or backup the files somewhere else, such a cloud drive.

Get Rid of Big Wasteful Files on WD External Hard Drive
A hard drive’s or external hard disk’s performance is impacted when it contains a lot of huge worthless data, which reduces the transfer rate. Use a cleanup programme to get rid of those unnecessary files.

You might not be able to access the drive or transfer files if it has faulty sectors or a damaged file system. The hard drive should thus be cleaned or have faulty sectors removed.
File System Modification, WD Drive NTFS Conversion, and Performance Improvement
Your drive’s performance is typically impacted when it is not configured with the correct file system.
Hope this help