[Help] WD Elements Transfer Speed Drops after some time

Hi I recently bought a Wd Elements 2TB External Hard Drive Before I started Using It I made a quick format of it Exactly Like I Posted In The Images after wards i tried sending a file a at first the speed move well then suddenly when it reaches a certain % it suddenly drops never to Go up again…! Image%204

Things I’ve Tried Doing

  1. I’ve Tried Deleting The Volume From Disk Managment then ReLocating it Once More.
  2. WD Drive Utilities (Not Appearing There Can Be Seen In one of the images Posted) So WD Drive Utilities Wasn’t Helpful.
  3. Formating It Again Still No Good.
    4.Also Tried unchecking quick format then formating it but it took so long i had to cancel it.
    5.Tried updating the drivers from device manager and it was told that my drivers are upto date so also not helpful.
  4. Tried Uninstalling it from device manager and no good also.

what I’ve noticed
1.Sometimes it might allow some small files to go through until it reaches 99% then it’ll stop there.
2.Small files Like pictures or notes Can go through without any issues.

If anyone can help me with a solution As soon as possible that will be very much Appreciated and Thanks in Advance…!

Hi Joker12,

It is recommended to test your WD Elements for the bad sector issue using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool. You can refer below link to run tests on WD Elements drive.

Testing a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows