WD Elements 1TB, extremely slow write, fast read


I have a problem with my 1TB WD Elements external HDD.

It writes to the HDD at speeds between 1-4MB/s or so it seems, but it reads from the HDD at full speed.

At first I thought the problem was that the internal drive was broken, so I swapped the internal drive with a WD Green 750GB drive, so I could have a 750GB internal HDD at the very least… But… The new drive in my WD Elements enclosure also writes extremely slow, so the issue cannot be with the harddisks, but with the enclosure. 

Anyone know of anything that can be done :/? The warranty has expired. :frowning:

(Which was why I dared taking it apart and inserting another WD harddisk even though it would void my warranty. Unfortunately, when I first believed my nearly unused 1TB drive was faulty/damaged, I stopped using the external HDD out of fear and placed it on my shelve… I did not know about this forum or about my WD’s RMA possibilites back then… At the point when I got the idea of reusing the enclosure for my 750GB HDD the warranty had gone :frowning: So that’s not an option…)


I’ll suggest you to use the Western Digital DLG tool, run the extended test. If possible after the test is done write zeroes to the drive using the same application.

You can also test your drive using a different computer, just to make sure if the drive or the motherboard is faulty, another trouble shooting step is replacing the sata cable and changing the sata ports.