Sick of WD My Passport

I am just about done with this WD external drive.

It is completely useless after having it for about 4 months. I have important files and want to back them up on my home WD Cloud, but I am regretting buying into both now.

I simply cannot use this passport drive and have tried everything to get it working.

. Changed USB cable
. Tried different computers
. Optimised in Windows
. Downloaded WD error checking software
. Updated firmware

I am not alone in this - there are people littered all over the internet with similar problems.

I would throw it out of the window, but it has 4 months work of work on there, and I simply cannot do it.

Anyone have any ideas?

I’d love to hear from support, but they seem pretty elusive on the forums.


this is’nt a “support forum” it’s a public user-to-user forum

if you want “support” … you need to contact them

Brilliant contribution. Thanks for your help.

You’re welcome :grinning: