EX4100, macOS Mojave: can't dupe files or transfer large files from NAS to iMac

I’ve been trying to get answers, but so far nothing

Here are my two problems:

  1. From macOS Mojave, if I try and duplicate any file over the network, I am unable to. The file appears to be duplicated, but instead it’s a zero KB file. This didn’t used to be an issue, the only thing I have changed is I added an external USB 3 drive (see below). Why can I no longer make dupe files? I instead have to move them to another drive, then move them back to duplicate.

  2. For large files (not sure how large, but I think over 100MB), I cannot transfer from the NAS to a drive on my computer. I was trying to archive files I no longer needed daily. The only thing I could do is attach a USB 3 drive to the NAS and transfer files there. This isn’t ideal, I’d prefer to have the USB 3 drive connected to my iMac.

These both were happening at the same time. I don’t know if 2) above was always true or not, however.

Anyone have any insight into these issues?

Ok, so this is weird

Earlier today, the NAS cycled and I couldn’t access it. The drive lights went off, I think it rebooted itself, there is no notification of anything, but it appears there was a firmware update at about that time

Now, I can in fact copy and paste or dupe files from within macOS. I haven’t yet checked for large file transfers

I plan to turn off auto-updating firmware, since this is working now and if it was firmware related, I can’t afford to have an upcoming update to mess with the NAS when I’m not prepared for it

And I just tested copying a 96GB file, and it transferred.

So, it would seem that whatever firmware update was just installed solved the problem

That being the case, I really wish WD would just let us know that there was a problem, and that it was fixed