Abysmal performance - Am I missing something?

I am on macOS mojave, trying to copy a 850 gig iPhoto library to a ex2 ultra nas, running latest firmware. The drive is setup with dual 10tb WD red drives in raid 1. The nas is connected via a gb ethernet router/ethernet cable, and the NAS shares are mounted on the mac desktop via the finder/network panel, using the NAS admin login/pw.

The copy operation right now is announcing 3 days. (It was estimating 30 days at some point). The source library is coming from an internal SSD. I aborted the first copy attempt and rebooted the NAS, no success speeding things up. Also I cannot seem to be able to delete the aborted copy (it tells me one of the pictures in the partially copied lib is in use).

I was able to back up many files to the NAS yesterday at expected speeds for the gb ethernet.

What gives?

This is not giving me warm feelings about my brand new nas… I was hoping for a reliable, safe workhorse file server for work (video/animation/photoshop, large files), personal files and time machine backups. Was I wrong ? :slight_smile:

Well, I might have been wrong. I saw on the alert widget that the SAN was indexing media files (? not sure why?) when I started my copy. That operation was interrupted at some point (maybe my attempts at killing the partial copy) and the speed came back up to about where it should be.