EX4100 Keeps disconnecting from the network - ANNOYING!

I’ve had this EX4100 for less than two weeks and it’s been a complete pain in the ***…
After a ton of problems linking it with mycloud.com, I finally managed to set it up - for a couple days.
Now, several times a week, the device will disconnect from the network. The only way to reconnect it is to reboot it. It’s not an issue with the router, it’s been assigned a static IP from both the ROUTER and the MYCLOUD.

I’m one step away from returning this thing. Definitely not worth over $1200 if I have to reboot it every day, and not have access to it from outside the house if I’m gone for a couple days…

There are no red lights, everything is blue, and pinging it results in “Destination host unreachable”

Any fixes? Firmware is up to date.

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I would recommend that you perform a system only restore on your My Cloud EX4100. Then configure a static IP address again.

Also, take a look at this article to check your network typology.



There are numerous posts already on this issue with no resolution from WD. Check out these posts…

For some reason the EX4100 units periodically stop responding and the only way to get any life back in them is to do a power cycle by pulling the cord out and plugging it back in. I myself have to do the unit I have every 2-3 weeks. Got no idea why this happens and WD are not being forthcoming with a fix.



I am now returning my second one back to Amazon. I’ve had two that disconnected on the first day. Only physically pulling power will get them back. Defective. Twice.

I’ve officially given up and I will be returning the unit to Amazon. I tried calling their customer service number, which only reinforced my long standing opinion that overseas tech support is useless. The guy couldn’t understand what I was saying, he just kept telling me to do the same things I’ve already done - reboot it, upgrade the firmware, etc. Then he told me to reset the thing to factory settings. OK, send me a 12TB external hard drive to back up all my photos and other data onto and I’ll go ahead and do that.

Now I have to pay Google for online storage so I can back all the stuff on this drive up.

Edit: To be fair, the unit has maintained a stable connection for several days now. If it manages to maintain it for another two weeks I will not proceed with returning the unit.

Lost connection again, return initiated.
This is very sad…

Don’t forget to give it a review on Amazon. You might get a chuckle at the response.

Anyone solutions ? I have same problem ! :frowning:

Looks like lot of ppl are suffering from this issue… I am also very concerned about the stability are reliability of the unit…
WIll most probably return it to the shop…

Same happening with me. WD support is useless. They don’t read those posts, or they don’t care. Either way, customers seem not important to them. I can’t return mine anymore, but certainly will have to buy a new one from another brand. Shame on WD for not listening to customers! Bad OS, bad customer services. And bad leadership for not even trying to resolve the issues.