EX4100 going into nightly System Under Temperature warning, making it unusable

My EX4100 on a regular basis is showing System Under Temperature status, and unmounting all connections to it from my desktops that are serving up Plex.

The temperatures of the disk are 27C, 28C, 28C, (0C), 28C … not sure how this is showing that it is at “freezing”.

The NAS is in my basement beside a MyBookLive Duo, my modem, theatre room receiveer, PS4, etc, and none of these devices have had issues (or feel that cold!!). It does get a little cool in my basement at night, but nothing that is overly cold.

Any ideas as to how to overcome this?? I’ve put it in an area where it can be ventilated… do I need to wrap a blanket around it or somethign???

System temperature is not the same thing as disk temperature.

But it sounds to me like the thermal sensor for the system is failing, if I had to guess…

Thanks - is there a way to run a diagnostic on it?? If that’s the case what would you recommend doing?