EX4100 Drive Mapping Windows

Good evening, I am after some help and wondered if anybody could assist.

I have had a WD EX4100 NAS drive for some years connected to a Macbook and it has always worked fine. Unfortunately the Macbook recently gave up after a decade of good service so I have replaced this with a cheaper laptop running Windows 11.

On my old Macbook the EX4100 drive appeared as a folder in the side bar under ‘shared’ and I could access any folder on the NAS easily whilst on my home network.

The issue I have now is I am unable to map the drive on the new laptop so it shows in the sidebar of my File Explorer. I can find the NAS drive and the individual folders (shares) through ‘network’ in file explorer so I can see all of the folders and individual files, but I cannot map the drive correctly.

When I map the ‘Public’ folder (as per the WD User Manual) it adds it to the sidebar but only shows 3 folders within it (shared music / shared pictures / shared video) which are all empty folders and not relevant. It doesn’t display any of my ‘shares’ that I have setup.

  • The NAS is on Firmware version 2.42.115 and is NOT running My Cloud OS5. I didn’t want to upgrade to OS5 as there doesn’t appear to be a way back and it warns of having to upload all of the apps again. From looking into this, it also appears that I should still be able to map the drive and access folders on my local network without the upgrade.

  • Cloud Access is not an option I have on the Dashboard anymore. It doesn’t appear as though I have any options for ‘cloud access’. Cloud Access is also not an option in Settings / General.

  • The NAS is hard wired to my router and I am trying to only access the files on my local network and not remotely.

I have attached a few images to provide an overview but any help is appreciated.

Many thanks

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Hi @phil_pritchard,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: