Can see default partitions on one PC but not on another

I have two computers set to access my EX4100. Both are running Win10.1903. On the one I can access the shared folders and the default partitions (Time Machine, Smartware, Shares) but on the other I can only see the shared folder (Shared Music, Shared Videos, Shared Pictures) and if I click on the icon under Network I go directly to the EX4100 dashboard. Am I missing something?

Hi GleasonFan,

You can refer to the link mentioned below to know how to map a network drive.

Got it done. Thanks.

Follow-up. On the one PC mapping worked just fine. On the other when I try to map I get an error message Windows cannot connect. When I select the EX4100 all I get are generic folders - Photos, Music, Videos - with no drive partitions - Public, Time Machine, WDBackup (?) - or the folders under those. Windows muck-up or missing setting?

Solved it!

  1. Remove Device
  2. Add Network Location
  3. Map Network Drives
  4. Rename Mapped Drives to get rid of Windows added garbage