EX4100 Build Additional RAID 1

We have an EX4100 that was initially populated with 2 4TB drives configured as a RAID 1 array. We have recently added 2 8TB drives that we want to configure as a separate, encrypted RAID 1 array. The new drives show as ‘Good’ under Storage → Disk Status, but I see no options under Storage to build a new array with those additional drives. All I have on the Storage → RAID screen is an option to change the RAID mode of the current array. The new disks don’t even show up as JBODs. Any guidance on how to add the additional RAID array.

Hi @mjolly803,

Please refer to the below link to check the article How to Change the RAID Mode on a RAID Enabled My Cloud Device:

Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately, that is not what I am asking to do. As you can see from the snip in my initial post we have Volume_1 already in place, which is a RAID 1 array comprised of drive 1 & drive 2. We have now added drive 3 & drive 4 and want to build a separate Volume 2 that is a RAID 1 arrary. That is what I am hoping to receive instructions to complete.