EX4100 and share access problem

Has anyone else experienced my problem?

I recently change my ISP (yesterday) so over night my line dropped and my network had no internet access.
I was expecting this and knew I had an email from my new ISP to change the setting on my router. This should have been a 2 minute job.
However, I store my emails on my ex4100 and guess what I couldn’t access the share that stored my emails. I rebooted the PC I was accessing from, I attempted to access the share from different PC’s and I rebooted the ex4100 several times. But each time I tried to access the share it would reject the connection.

I could access the web interface, I could connect via FTP; but FTP still would not let me access the datafiles on the shares.

Frustrated I eventually worked out that perhaps my failure to connect could have something to do with
the lack of internet access (the ex4100 has been in place for about 6 month and working without error or problem) so I decided to reconfigure my router to use my mobile phone via tethering.
Hay presto, I could access my shares again.

Whilst I have resolve my problem for now, I am VERY worried about why the EX4100 was denying me access to MY SHARES and MY DATA when IT did not have internet access. There is NO reason for this. It’s my data and should be standalone

So what is going on?

Thanks in advance

Hi Haywardi,

My Cloud EX4 is a network hard drive and requires internet to access data files. However, you can directly connect Ethernet cable coming from My Cloud to computer to get direct access the My Cloud data.

If you have tried to connect My Cloud directly with your computer then, what was the error message you get and which browser did you use to access dashboard?

Hi Asp73,

Yes the EX4100 is a network/cloud device, but I was not attempting to access it from the internet, this was within my own network (via a switch).

It was added as a network share within Windows and network shares to the primary server (also Windows) worked without problem.

Have you tried accessing your data on your ex4100 if you have disconnected your router so your network has no internet access?


It is required to connect My Cloud with the router whether it has internet access or not, in order to create a small LAN network which helps to access files locally in the same network.

Thank you ASP73, unfortunately this is not the cause of the problem either. EX4100 connected to switch, switch connected to router. Router powered on an operational. As I said in my first post, as soon I connected my router to the internet, via my mobile phone, I could connect to my shares again.