EX4 Widespread Known Issues

I’m tired of searching for topics and solutions related to widespread known issues with the EX4, only to find multiple topics on the very same issue. Here are the issues I have been having since December when I purchased this device. Please feel free to add your issues ONLY if you see multiple topics related to the very same issue you’re experiencing.  I will edit this post to add them so any new user coming to the forum can find their issue quickly instead of having to spend hours searching the forum for the right topic on these known problems. Also, I will add the link to the original or main thread if I can determine which is the correct one since there are so many. If this thread is successful and helpful to other users, I will ask for a sticky.

  1. Remote access is shady regardless of the recently acknowledged service outage. This may be due to WD internal servers or possibly the MyCloud app.

  2. CPU at 100% full time due to Convert or WDMCServer process or other processes.

  3. Cloud Access turns off by itself.


The biggest of all, in my opinion, is the 500 error when accessing the dashboard.

Just by disabling “Drive Sleep” option under settings I have been able to lessen first 3 issues’ occurences.

1 - Error 500 (web admin panel is inaccessible)
2- EX4 won’t powerdown (keeps saying shutting down but does not actually shutdown)

3 - Network share isn’t accessible after a few hours

Set static ip to fix this issue

4 - Network loses connection

note - to help with speed in some cases you might want to try changing your network setting from “Auto” to “1000”

Disable media service or disable searching for photos by going to your   http://[yourdevice]:9000

and in changing list of folders searched for media and making it search for videos or music only.

5 - Twonky keeps rescanning for media and resets from 0

I already posted a page with issues that are common http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-EX4/How-I-fixed-some-of-the-problems-post-being-disgruntled/td-p/717044 and I have also posted solutions.