EX2100 Drive and Volume Errors

My EX2100 is showing drive and volume errors since it did a firmware upgrade about a week ago (to 2.41.116). Although I have text notifications turned on (and a test message works) I didn’t get an alert for this condition and I just happened to notice it yesterday. The unit seems to be operating okay on the single drive.

Following are screenshots of the current conditions:


Quick Test

I’ve logged a support incident with WD but haven’t heard anything yet. It seems to me like a drive replacement is in order, but I’d like to ask what experiences others have had with this kind of thing.

  1. Could this possibly be related to the firmware upgrade? The first alarms were literally a few minutes after the upgrade was completed. Is it odd that the release my unit is on is beyond the “new release version” posted in the MyCloud EX2 forum almost two months ago?
  2. If I do replace one drive or (as a precaution) both, how particular do I need to be? Is it necessary to get exactly the same drive model if I choose to replace only one?
  3. Are there guides available on the replacement of one or both drives in an EX2100?

I’ve never had to do this before and would be grateful for any feedback.

WD Support came back and recommended I replace the drive with the errors (no surprise, I suppose). To their credit, they offered to RMA one or both drives. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait any longer for a reply so I went ahead and bought two new drives from another retailer. I may go through with the RMA to have spare drives on hand or return the drives I bought.

For anyone finding themselves in a similar bind, I found a guide to replacing a drive in this Knowledge Base article.

Also, I now see that at the time of my initial post, I misunderstood what the current firmware version was for the EX2100.