EX2100 blinking red LEDs

MyCloud EX2100 working normally until one day both hard drives show blinking red LEDs on the front, and can’t access admin panel with error:

"Insert Hard Drive

Please inser hard drive(s) into the slots of the My Cloud EX2100 system in order to setup the system properly. To purchase compatible hard drives, please visit the Western Digital Store.

Once the hard drive(s) is inserted, click Continue."

Any advice, or is device bricked and all data lost??

So something is knackered.

But the O/S is not on the Hard Drives. . .so unless you had a simultaneous HDD failures. . . it’s probably an issue with the box and not the disks.

Either way - - -do the disk tests as dswv42 suggests.

Yes tried swapping, getting same error.

Connecting drives directly, I can use data recovery apps to find files on one, but the other seems DOA.

I’m not too worried about the lost data at this point, but would like to get the device back up and running again. I thought with my raid 1 setup, the data would pull through even if one of the drives failed…?

You shouldn’t need a recovery app: What you need is a LInux driver reader app (the drive would be in EXT4 format; which is not directly read by Windoze or MAC’s - - → But can be read by linux machines)

Yes. . . doing “data recovery” (or getting a linux reader) on the one good drive would be a prudent move at this point. I would not reinsert the drive into the EX2100 at this point (without a backup)

Theoretically; if one drive fails - - -you should just get a warning (status on dashboard; one Red LED; possibly an autogenerated email) and the system should run as normal. What you are infering is that the BOX failed; and took out a HDD with it (with the second drive intact). That seems . . .“improbable”.

I might be inclined to put in two fresh drives (or one fresh and the good drive) into the box and see what happens. If the fresh drives don’t work. . . .then I would get a fresh box and use the new drives. . . .
Now; if you have ONE good drive . . and put it in a NEW EX2100 box. . .not sure what would happen.
(I know what SHOULD happen. . .but I wouldn’t bet on it).

(What I would do would be:

  • backup the good drive
  • buy fresh disks; attempt the old EX2100 box
  • If EX2100 not working with fresh disks- - - buy new box (probably not a EX2100 Hint))