EX2 and OSX issues

I have an EX2 that I cannot connect to from my mac. I have seen lots of threads on El Capitan, but my mac is running Sierra 10.12.1. The Ex2 is running 2.11.157

From my Linux box I can get right to the shares.
From my mac on the same network I can see the device. I try to access it and I can see the public share. When I try to access it, it just hangs and eventually comes back with a blank window.

I have tried manually mapping it with finder to smb and cifs
I have mapped the name to to the ip address in stead of the FQDN
Both of which end up the same as trying to access via the entry in finder (blank window).

I have downloaded MacSync from WD and installed it to see if I could use it as a workaround. Its sees the EX2, but when I select on it during the install it says firmware can’t be verified.



I recommend you contact WD support for assistance.