EX iscsi and virtual disk problem

I am attempting to setup a iscsi disc as a virtual volume that will be avaliable as a share. I have successfully created the iscsi volume and mapped it to a drive letter in windows. However, I have not been successful in mapping the iscsi volume to a virtual drive that will also appear in share. I have followed the directions in the user manual and have been able to create a virtual disc that shows up as “running” and “connect” in the storage/volume virtualization menu. However, this disc does not appear as a share. Furthermore, when the EX4 formats the iscsi drives as part of creating a virtual volume, I lose access to them in windows (they show up as an unrecognized file system).  As mentioned above, I can successful format the virtual drives through windows and create accessible mapped drives but these drives do not appear in share and are identified as “offline” in the storage/volume virtualization menu. It appears that my only choice is an iscsi drive mapped through windows and that I cannot use iscsi at all through share.  I’m by no means an expert. Am I missing something basic or is the product not functioning as intended?

Hi emoutz, I recommend you to contact support directly for further advice.