Error on the hub

ive had my hub  for a few years now and its been great. it is out of warrenty. its started to go a bit wrong. it freezes and wont unfreeze unless you unplug it and leave it off then power up. 

when i turn it on it takes ages to boot up and load , easily 20 / 30 minutes. 

the remote has totally given up and refuses to work. which you can get round by using the phone app. that is if it resoponds!

id have a guess that its around half full with music and films so a press of the factory reset is out of the question. 

Any suggestions?

Resets don’t delete data.

I did not know that. Factory reset to me means wiped and back to nothing.
What will the reset do?

Let’s look in the User’s Manual, shall we?

Yes i beleive the answers are their next to the smart arse page. Thank you.
any people with a simular problem and suggestions?

Factory reset, turn off media library, delite hidden folders .wd_tv on internal and any external HDD connected. Turn on Media Library. Universal remote are available for any WD device.