Help! Hub got wiped and now I can't copy stuff back onto it!


So I had close to 1TB of movies/tv shows on my WD TV Live Hub, and it was all backed up on an external hard drive. Recently I had to reset the HD, so I’ve spent the last two days copying everything from the WDTV to the HD. Then, literally the same hour after it got finished, something happened on my WDTV where it started freezing and I had to unplug it. When it came back on, the whole thing was wiped clean!! I’m ready to scream! So now I have to copy everything from the HD back onto the WDTV.

The problem is, it won’t let me copy anything. When I’m picking the place to copy a folder to, under “internal storage” in the Files part, it just pops up with a thing saying that there is no content in this folder. Yeah, no sh*t. But it won’t let me add anything into there, it won’t even give me an option to create a new folder.

A couple things worth noting:

  • I have already gone into the Settings and done a Device Reset, hoping to fix these issues, but it didn’t.
  • Even though all of my videos are gone, there were a few of my own photos that I’d loaded up to use as backgrounds, and they are still there. Not under the main menu’s Photos, but when I go into the settings under User Backgrounds, they’re in there. So it somehow didn’t do a total factory reset I guess.
  • I used to be able to go under System to Disk Manager and see how much space I still had left. There was a box that said total storage and how much used. Now, there’s nothing there. I expected there to be something that said there was 0GB used or something. I thought at first it was an error of the machine, but no, when I plug in a flash drive, a box for that shows up in there.

What do I do??


id remove the hard drive, format with a usb caddy via pc laptop, reinstall hard drive to the hub, start from scratch


Wow. Do you know of anywhere that explains how to do this?


buy a usb 2.5 hard drive caddy, connect to pc format under windows
there are also lots of threads on here that explains

i recommend one of these, put a 2.5 inch hard drive in it if you have one already, or buy one with one from same company, excellent runs kodi and all android apps beside, your music your films etc, like the hub…but better, i still use my hub now and again though, with the new box though, i can use visualizers for music, off google play…amazing, as mentioned you can put a hard drive in it, that you have all your tunes and films on, play the lot.


sounds like the hard drive is dead … same thing happened to a friend of mine (and he hardly used the hard drive)

i took the hard drive out … connected it to a PC and had no luck.

he got it replaced under warranty … but that was years ago

ps. user backgrounds are probably stored in the Flash / NAND memory which would explain why they are still there.

pps. WDTV Live Hub will still work fine without an internal hdd … there will just be a message that a hdd is not connected … press ok, and everything will still work.

Easy enough to replace the WDTV Live Hub hdd with a new one … as long as it’s the same physical size in dimensions.

Anyways, i don’t use WDTV anymore … my RPi3 and 4K Android Box runs circles around WDTV’s … and are constantly updated with Kodi.


as joey says test the drive, you can do that with windows, the hub was ground breaking in it’s time, well was for me, no more bloody cd’s or dvd changing, sadly it has,as they say been surpassed
but as i said i still use mine, now and gain, its all still connected through my avr system, you can if you find out the drive is dead, buy another 2.5 size hard drive, that will fit into the hub case, the hub is a great device if your new to multimedia, and gave up on cd/dvd’s swapping and changing.