An odd one this, WD TV loses connection to network every 25 mins

Hi there,

I hope someone might have a olution for this one, because it’s driving me crazy.

I’ve had this box for about 2 years and it has worked superbly. 

Suddenly, a couple of weks ago, as I was streaming video from my WD My book live, the picture would go off and I’d lost connection to the stream. Hitting the connect to the network hard drive, forst time whoudl fail, then second time I could reconnect.

Find the file, press play, the option was resume or start from beginning. I could resume fine then 25 minutes later it would do the same.

So, I’ve a bloody mind and a lot of experience with computers. I reset to factory defaults. Thig worled great for a couple of days then started doing it again.

I ruled out the hub (a new BT Home hub) by streaming video to both my tablet and laptop. So it had to the the streamer.

I personally think it could be the last software upgrade, but I would certainly like to hear from anyone having this problem.

At the time of writing, I do not have the software version, I just want to see if this is common or rare and poll the opinions of other WD users.

If someone has an idea or questions, of course I will provide the relevant information.

Resetting to factory default mat be a fix, but it is short term and therefore not the way forward.

Thanks in anticipation



I have the same device as you and I haven’t experience this case. 

Are you able to test the unit playing some files from a directly attached device through the USB port or from a different location on the network?

Are you using a Wired or Wireless connection?

Does this happens with all the files or specific ones?