Hola estimados, he tenido problemas cuando copio un link de una película (botón derecho obtener linc) resulta que al pegarlo directo en el navegador comienza a descargarce, pero si ese linc lo pego por ejemplo en facebook cosa que cuando otra persona haga clic en el link, se realice la descarga, a lo cual no sucede.

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<error_message>Request is not allowed</error_message>

Ha tratado de compartir el enlace de un archivo diferente a ver si le da el mismo error?

si, el mismo error.

Now I’ve noticed a redesign to the Mogstation, they added some new warnings and such, and now I keep getting error code 401 whenever I try to pay using the credit card I’ve always used. I tried to buy an item (Lord’s Clogs), when that got an error I tried a different item, still got an error. I then tried to buy Crysta as an old post suggested when getting error 401 but that was still a no go.

I tried changing cards, changing internet connections, changing computers, all for naught. I checked with my bank and everything is ok on their end. I sent an email to SE and have yet to hear a reply.

I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing such an error and what could I do to fix it.
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