Energy Saving Auto Shutdown

I am running firmware 2.01.86 and have a 3tb external HD on both and a 4TB Mycloud hooked up to 2 live SMP players.

After about 5 days on standby  both players will either give  me the Low Memory warning or  just take forever to load a movie which then plays choppy until i reboot.

I set the Energy Saving Auto Shutdown to resolve this and find that it does not work, after 24 hours both players are still in standby? How do i get the players to use this setting…

Hello there,

Have you tried performing a factory restore and setting the unit again?

Did a factory reset on both players, it did not work.

as a little experiment … remove the harddrives and then see if the auto shutdown works

Removed the drives and tried again, player does not power down.I guess its another bug ? 

bummer :cry:    oh well, maybe it’s fixed in 2.02.32

but i guess that’s not an option (because of more different bugs)

I downgraded to Firmware 1.16.13 and still no luck