Anyone else having issues after the last two firmware updates?

Up until the last few weeks (before the latest firmware update) I have been having issues with my SMP, for no good reason I freezes in the middle of a movie (in any format) sometimes starts back up and sometimes it reboots itself. Either way, I’m not happy. Let me get all the facts out there and maybe someone can explain to me what is going on. First, I purchased the WD Streaming Media Player a few months ago and fell in love with it. Worked perfectly, I had the WD Media Player prior to this one and liked it very much. Only reason I upgraded is so I could attach a larger hard drive bigger than a 2TB drive. So now I have the WD Streaming Media Player and the WD my book Essentials 3TB 3.0 external drive and is currently at 82% full with movies in various formats (Mostly AVI, MP4) and tons of music (MP3 & WMA) and family photos galore.

Each time I turn on my SMP (which is in sleep mode) and the Hard drive is powered and is in sleep mode, both drives start blinking, main menu comes up and I see the message compiling media library, after a few minutes the SMP light stays solid and I’m ready to watch a TV show or movie. After 20 or 30 minutes, I notice the SMP starts to blink again and then the picture freezes (and no sound) then after a minutes or two it either releases from it’s freeze  and then fast forward like it’s catching up to where it should be then starts to play again, but to freeze again in a few minutes. It may do this a couple of times or the worst happens, it reboots and has to come back up and compile the library all over again. I have read numerous post on the site but I haven’t seen anything like this. I have done the following to correct the problem, thinking it was a firmware update but I’m thinking it not that. I have reset the SMP a couple of times and removed the WD file from my Hard drive and setup the SMP as it was new without installing the firmware updates. Forgot to mention that the SMP freezes in both the rear port and front port. I also disconnected the hard drive and reformatted a second drive (2.0) and added a couple of movies and attached it, started the SMP and it compiled in a couple of minutes and let it run, sure enough, it did the same thing. So I called the WD Support number and talked to them and the lady didn’t know what to think so she is sending me another unit. Has anyone else had this problem and how many units have had to be replaced? I even left it unplugged for a couple of days, just in case it was a heat issue, that wasn’t it either, still did the same thing. The SMP is sitting out in the open with plenty of air around it, it really never gets that warm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Forgot to mention that the response from the remote was VERY SLOW. Like it was taking several minutes to catch up to the SMP. As long as the SMP was not blinking it was OK, when it started blinking either the screen froze or rebooted.

Things to try to solve this.

Turn off network shares.

If that doesn’t work, clear the media library, turn it off,  eject any HDDs, hard shut down (pressing and holding  the power key until the SMP shuts down), unplug fron the main.  Unplug your NAS, switches, and router.  Plug back in, and re-start.

Steve W

Thanks for the ifo, I don’t have a NAS, hard drive is connected to SMP directly (through rear port). Have reset the SMP, unplugged it for hours, removed the WD folder from the hard drive. held down the SMP power button for several seconds and powered down, powered down in sleep mode, unplugged the hard drive (which is powered) and plugged it back in. Start the SMP back up and all seems to work fine, compiles media library and a select a movie to watch and the after 30 to 45 minutes it freezes up again. I’ll notice the light on the SMP will be solid before any problem then it will start blinking and sure enough in a few minutes it will freeze and continue to blink until it reboots on it’s own. Then the whole thing starts all over again. I did notice that on the main menu the “get content info” never really goes away. Maybe this is causing the delay or freezing of the movie, maybe the SMP is accessing the internet to get the video contents and is slowing it down. I think it’s a long short but I think I’ll disable the content option and see what happens.