Emptying recycle bin

Can anyone advise the procedure how to empty the recycle bin in My Passport Wireless? Thanks.

Uhm… same as any other drive – “Empty Recycle Bin”.

Would you please advise how and where I can find the recycle bin? Thanks.

May I qualify my question.

I use Android on Samsung Galaxy S2 to read My Cloud. On MyPassport “All” the first item is $RECYCLE BIN. It can be expanded to show many .jpg pictures with $ in front, but nowhere can I find an option to empty recycle bin.

On the PC it would be easy to empty recycle bin but $RECYCLE BIN does not show on PC.

I just deleted a file in the MPW using the My Cloud app. You see the recycle bin in Public. At top where it says Public there are three dots – that is a menu, so tap it. Now, you can select the file you want to delete, choose delete, and it is done. I apparently had a desktop.ini file in there I must have deleted in there from long ago.

Thanks for your patience. In Public I just have SD Card imports, nothing else. The 3 dots gives : new folder, select item and no delete. But at ALL $Recycle Bin is on top. The 3 dots offered: sort, camera, upload, new folder and select item, no delete.

I can view individual photos from SD card Imports. If I then view it in full screen, yes I can delete THAT particular photo from the 3 dots. But no way can I manage to empty the recycle bin.

I suppose this does not matter that much as the appliance has 2 TB. It is just that it is annoying.:smirk:

Well, you may need to poke around a bit more, I do recall selecting the recycle bin and then clicking on the three dots, afterward. That’s about all the additional help I can think of. Good luck.

You are right. I poked around a bit more and gave up My Cloud, which is not much use anyway. On the PC there is no $RECYCLE BIN under MyPassport. When the MyPassport drive is clicked in Windows Explorer, then click on the Recycle Bin icon, all contents of the Recycle Bin are revealed. It is then a simple matter of " Empty the Recycle Bin".

I just wish WD will include basic things like this on the manual

Which is what I said in my first post… :wink:

In reality, that has nothing to do with WD. That’s your PC doing that, not the WD. When it’s plugged into your PC, it’s the same as any other drive.

Yes Tony. It took me some time to find out you can only empty the recycle bin using the PC, but cannot do it on My Cloud.

On some My Cloud NAS devices (e.g. my DL2100) under Settings/General/Services there is a recycle bin Clear button. I prefer to do it through Windows, because if I recall, clearing the recycle bin via the Dashboard cause the recycle bin to disappear from seeing it in Windows. I did not like that, so I keep a folder in the recycle bin named DO NOT DELETE FOLDER so I always have a “marker” so the recycle bin is never completely empty.