Delete photos from My Passport Wireless


I have a WD Wireless My Passport mobile storage device. How do you delete selected photos which have been downloaded into the SD Card Folder?

Once a photo is selected, I cannot find any delete or trash button.

Cannot find anything in the Manual.

In practical terms, I will ultimately want to delete a lot of photos at once.


Simplest way to do it is via USB. But you CAN do it from the app.

After selecting the photos, you can see the Delete icon in the menu.


How would you delete files through usb? I am not able to delete files from the USB. The option isn’t there.


you delete via the file managment feature of your computer operating system, File Explorer for Windows or Finder on Mac.

EDIT; Help for this is not in manual, it is in the App under Settings.


In my file management for mac or windows, the delete option doesn’t show up when I right click to show the options.


Weird. Any computer should allow for deleting files whether files are on computer or MPW. Is the MPW connected to the computer via the cable and USB port, and not wireless through app? You should be able to use this as amu other drive connected to computer usb port.


Yes is connected via usb. I tried wireless and I still wasn’t able to delete a file.

Should I reformat the drive?


NO! Formatting is not the solution to everything. There is lots of WD MPW files on drive that assist you using the MPW and they would all be gone.

Look, this problem is so basic it should not even be happening. Deleting files is not rocket science. It likely is not an issue with the MPW but rather how you are trying to do it or with your computer.
You need to contact WD Support via phone and get some assisted guidance. Good luck!


I was able to get it to work. I re-plugged it into my Mac and the delete option came up.


Good for you!
Like I said; not rocket science.


This is a waste of time, surely there is an easier way to delete multiple files


Referring to TonyPh12345’s post of 17th March, if I select pictures in the app, i see only the icon Download, but no icon Delete. That is silly, because I shall definitely need to empty my device, which I want to use as backup for my cards during my holiday, when I want to use it again.
Many thanks for your help.