Passport wireless drive-file removal

How do you remove files, photos, etc from the drive without reformatting?

Sorry, I must be missing a nuance of your question…

The answer to your question as you’ve asked it is… “Delete them.”   The same way you’d delete a file from any other drive.

I can see the files on my smartphone but I don’t know how to delete them from the drive.

And…??? What type of smartphone?? Android? IOS? What app??

In the My Cloud App, swipe left on the file name and icons will appear below the file name, one of which is a trash bin. Select the bin and the file will be deleted.

You can also do that to a folder.

You can also use the menu (three dots) in the top right corner of the My Cloud App to select multiple files, and when you do so a trash bin will appear at the bottom of the App. Tap it and the selected files/folders will be deleted.

PS: I’m answering from memory, so I may have some details wrong. But you should get the idea. Also, view ALL the training videos relevant to your use from on the drive, and on YouTube. They will teach you a lot.